Terms of service

O.T.W.EXOTICS has a no return and no refund policy for all online
orders. If you need to request a cancellation on an order before it ships to you,
we can offer credit. *In some instances, if a refund is granted, a 15%
cancellation fee may apply.
1. We guarantee our reptiles will be alive and healthy upon arrival.THERE IS NO LIVE ARRIVAL GUARANTEE ON ANY AMPHIBIANS!
Dead on arrivals (DOA) must be reported within 1 hour of delivery. Any
other issues must be reported initially within 4 hours of delivery. If you have any
questions or concerns, please contact us first.
2.Please be aware of what you are purchasing, and do the proper research (and
ask us, as we are very happy to help!).
3. Sexing - O.T.W.EXOTICS does our best to sex your animal using
proper techniques such as visual factors (sexually dimorphic species), popping,
probing, or palpating (all depending on the species and size of the animal) but we
cannot guarantee the sex on any animal.
4. All captive bred (CB) animals will be labeled, if not, animal is assumed to be a
field collected import. We are not responsible for ANY
Veterinarian fees or costs.
5. Shipping or Freight charges are never refundable, even in the case of a DOA.
O.T.W.EXOTICS is not responsible for freight/shipping charges on the replacement of animals!
If a refund is granted shipping is nonrefundable.
6. Florida Residents are subject to pay State and county sales tax.
7. Please note, photos of reptiles for sale in our shopping cart are visual
representatives of the species and may not be the exact animal you receive.