O.T.W. Wholesale Reptiles & Exotics

ON THE WAY Reptiles & Exotics is an established wholesale supplier that supplies a wide variety of quality reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates for many retailers, breeders, and reptile show vendors. Although we are a young company, we have a well-earned reputation due to our dedication to providing quality animals to our customers. 

  • We have a direct line to many exporting countries

  • Highly trained and knowledgeable of every species that is sold on our site

  • We ship priority overnight at a flat rate (no matter the size of the box or contents inside)

  • All animals are cherry-picked so we can supply the best stock available by our distributors

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Our Strict Incoming Procedures

We take precautions and care every step of the way to ensure you are receiving the best possible animals available.


We have many reliable, organized, and sanitary suppliers we work with here in the USA. Although we trust our suppliers, we always rather be safe than sorry. When our animals arrive they are given a health inspection and then rehydrated. After rehydration, our snakes and applicable lizards get treated for external parasites. Whereas amphibians are treated with an anti-fungal treatment (if needed). We strive to provide the healthiest quality animals to separate us from our competition.


Before international shipments arrive, we already have their enclosures prepped and ready. Upon arrival, every single animal is inspected head to tail to ensure there are no issues ie: bad eyes, missing toes, infections, etc. As we are inspecting every animal they are rehydrated after their journey overseas. Lastly, similar to our domestic shipments, we treat all of our applicable animals for external parasites or an anti-fungal treatment for amphibians. For international shipments, we also treat internal parasites as needed.

Why do we treat for potential ailments?

As stated above, we cherry-pick the best stock available. We make sure that what we are bringing in is happy and healthy. Whether the animal is CB or farmed, they all get the same procedures! All of our procedures are preventative to make sure that all animals upon arrival to your location will thrive for you and your customers as well.

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